Disappearing buttons again

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I truly can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet!! Tell me it isnt incompetence at this point. How can you speak highly of a game that keeps crashing out!!

Happened in phase 4 and cost me a 4/4. I downgraded google rating to 1* with a game crashes comment. Although I'm not sure you even care at this point. I'm sure this will be moved into the abyss that is the feedback room just like the ones I submitted over a year ago.
Packs though right!!! We get packs!!
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    This issue comes from multiple causes and they isolated a majority in the last few rounds of fixes. Please make sure to report all instances to Answers HQ to help highlight the issue.
    Your topic has been moved to the Bugs and Issues Archive. For better assistance and functionality, please report your bug over at Answers HQ.

    You’ll be able to find direct links to all the existing SWGOH forum boards on Answers HQ so you can easily navigate between both forums.

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