Dooku's Solar Sailer - Kit Idea(Please, Check Out)

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Name:Dooku's Solar Sailer
CREW:Count Dooku
Tags:Dark Side, Support (TAC/INT), Separatist, Sith
Basic:Hindering Strike - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Deal Special Damage to target enemy and Dispel all Buffs on them.
If any Buffs were Dispelled, Dooku's Solar Sailer attacks again, otherwise gain 15% Turn Meter. This attack can't be Countered and deals +10% Damage for each Active Non-Capital Ship Sith or Separatist ally.
Special:Maximize the Offense! - CoolDown:4 - CREW - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Dispel all Debuffs from Separatist and Sith allies and grant them Offense Up for 3 turns. Then Inflict each Debuff Dispelled this way on the Target Enemy for 2 turns. If the Target wasn't Buffed, Dooku's Solar Sailer gains Speed Up for 2 turns, Otherwise Dooku's Solar Sailer immediately uses Hindering Strike.
Unique:Solar Powered - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Dooku's Solar Sailer ignores Taunt during his turn. Dooku's Solar Sailer has +15% Health Steal for each Active Non-Capital Ship Sith or Separatist ally.

In Addition, If the Allied Capital Ship is Sith or Separatist, Enemies can't Assist or Attack again when Targeting Dooku's Solar Sailer.
Reinforcement:Sith Superiority - Rein. Ability Material - Level 3
Enter Battle:All Sith and Separatist allies have +20% Potency for the Rest of the Battle; Dooku's Solar Sailer gains Retribution for 3 turns; Increase Target's CoolDown's by 1, which can't be Evaded or Resisted.
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