Get rid of Galactic Challenges

I was looking forward to the Rebel GC cause I could get the chance to use my Mothma team, or my other Rebel team with CLS all relic 5. Quickly my Hope's for fun was shot down because apparently a full relic team of rebels or the newly added Mothma and Threepio are useless and a waste of time and energy. So tier V,VI, and VII I couldn't even get a turn ! I dont think CapG tests anything before they give it to us to not have fun with. They don't listen to anyone that isn't putting thousands of dollars in this ........"game"


  • crzydroid
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    Your CLS team should be able to easily take it down if they are all relic level. This was one of, if not the easiest GC we've ever had. Stun Piett with Han's opening shot and you should be fine.

    What is your full team comp?
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