Help building best possible team

Hi guys,

I just restarted playing after a couple of years and it’s changed a lot. I don’t have all the new characters so I wanted your help setting up the best Squad I can for this raid, according to what I currently have.

I’ll leave some pictures of all my best characters.




Hope you can help me.


  • crzydroid
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    A Supreme Lord Kylo Ren with FO team can solo it. But aside from that:

    Best p1 team is JTR, BB-8, C-3PO, Rex and Fives.

    A lot of good p2 teams but Jedi (Jedi Knight Revan or Luke) are pretty good.

    Talzin lead with Ventress, Daka, a weak Initiate and Jedi Knight Anakin solos p3.

    P4 is usually a Free For All.
  • Thanks @crzydroid.

    Any suggestions using my current characters though?
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