B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber - Kit Idea(Please, Check Out)

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Name:B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber
Tags:Light Side, Tank (STR), Resistance
Basic:Repeating Laser Cannons - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Deal Physical damage to target enemy twice and Inflict Critical Chance Down for 2 turns. Deal Damage a Bonus Third time if the Heavy Bomber had Deflector Shield.
Special:Proton Bombs Coming! - CoolDown:3 - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Deal Physical damage to all enemies and Inflict Tenacity Down on them for 2 turns. Additionally Target Lock the Primary Target for 2 turns. This attack can't be Evaded or Countered.
Unique:Vigorous Defender - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber has +60% Defense, Doubled while it has Deflector Shield. When a Resistance ally is Damaged or Evades, Heavy Bomber has 50% Chance to Taunt for 1 turn.
Whenever an Enemy dispels Deflector Shield or Taunt from the Heavy Bomber, Daze them for 2 turns, which can't be Evaded.
While Heavy Bomber is Active, Enemies have -15 Speed.
Reinforcement:Form the Lines - Rein. Material - Level 3
Description:Enter Battle:Grant all Resistance allies 20% Turn Meter* and Dispel all Buffs from enemies.

* - This does not include the Capital Ship
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