Punishing One - Kit Idea(Please, Check Out)

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Name:Punishing One
Tags:Dark Side, Attacker (AGI), Scoundrel, Bounty Hunters
Basic:Debilitating Shot - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If the Target was Breached, Gain 20% Turn Meter. This attack can't be Evaded.
Special:Veteran Tactics - CoolDown:4 - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Deal Physical damage to target enemy and Inflict Expose Twice for 3 turns. If the Target was Breached, Inflict Ability Block for 2 turns. Punishing One recovers 10% Health and Protection for each Breached enemy. Then all Scoundrel allies gain Speed Up for 2 turns.
Unique:JumpMaster 5000 - CREW - Ship Omega - Level 8
Description:Punishing One has +30% Critical Chance. At the Start of Punishing One's turn, Inflict Breach for 2 turns on the Weakest Enemy that doesn't already have it.
While Punishing One is Active, Breached Enemies have -25% Tenacity.
Reinforcement:Vigorate - Rein. Mat - Level 3
Enter Battle:Punishing One gains Critical Damage Up for 3 turns.
All Scoundrel allies recover 25% Health and Protection and Bounty Hunter allies gain 20% Turn Meter*.

* This does not Include Capital Ships
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