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Lets have a discussion about all the "bagels" CG refuses to toast and butter (or cream cheese if youre into that sort of thing) . At the very least maybe we can get a channel on this forum to discuss "bagels" in all their forms rather than just reporting to EA (and kyno shutting down the thread). Because constantly reporting a "bagel" thats moldy for 1-3 years depending on the "bagel" hasnt done much other than us having to eat said "bagel"
Personally i hate the Sun (fac) roasted tomato bagel that doesnt count overcharge as a buff.
Others have said the burnt to a crisp bagel (anakin starfighter) immunity costs them crystals.
Or maybe the everything bagel, they forgot to put everything on. Missing buttons/Missing TM bar.
Tell us about your prefer "bagel"


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    Please report all bagels to Answers HQ.
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