Got 7* Yoda with this team

Just got 7* Yoda with Lumi lead, QGJ, JC, Koth, and Tano. Went against Anakin, Yoda, and Plo. Took out Ani, then Yoda, then Plo. Didn't lose anyone so it can be done with Koth.


  • Grats
  • Wasn't trying to brag. Just was trying to help show that Koth is viable when going for Yoda.
  • I got mine today as well, try with lumi lead for over 10times and can't even kill yoda..
    Switch to QGJ lead, got him on the 2nd try..
    Overall quite a nice experience..
    My team is QGJ (L), lumi, Jc, mace and Anakin..

    I'm done with Jedi for awhile now, farming more DS toons now except for Rey..
  • I can't do it. Very frustrated. Come closest with QGJ lead. I don't understand why he goes twice at the beginning.

    I have QGJ, Barris, Luminous, Ahsoka, and koth.
  • Barriss lead. She makes it hard for your guys to get 1 shorted plus passive heals.
  • Also, quigons lead is useless the event grants him turn meter that disregards speed, and some of his moves add turn meter directly too.
  • Thanks. Am I correct that JEdi guardian and consular would be the easiest partners? I ignore them and go straight at him?
  • I used Bariss in the lead, Lumi, Jedi Counselor, Asoka, and Mace. Got him the last time around.
  • I beat him with Lumi (L), Koth, mace, JC and QGJ. Kept failing but finally tried it against anakin plo and yoda. Took down anakin yoda then plo and didn't lose anyone. Lumi's evasion helped me a TON!
  • QGJ lead is to enable your team to move more instead of limiting Yoda to move less..
    Your heal cooldown can be faster..
  • Got it. Thanks. It was yoda, gun di and Barris. Took I a gun di out. Then got Barris really low and she equalized health which actually dropped yoda to half health. I took her out quickly and had almost full power with Barris and liminaras health available. Still lost two three Jedi and only had Barris and lumi standing when he went down.
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