Safe Haven not working as written

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The description says, "The first unit to deal damage to an enemy while no units are deathmarked is inflicted with deathmark until the end of battle...."

From my most recent battle:
GAS takes a turn, his first attack kills by Sith, who was deathmarked. There are now no units deathmarked. Then he immediately uses another ability, damages another character and ... is not deathmarked.

Whether it's a bug or whether the description is written wrong, I don't know, but GAS damaged a unit while no others were deathmarked and did not get deathmarked, so it sure as heck isn't working as written.
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  • of course. CG programming skills are better than legendary....
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    There are some things that happen in the same turn, and that may be an issue or due to this being the same turn he defeated the enemy that modifier is supposed to trigger on the next turn.

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