Padme 7 star Unlock (No Grievous, B1, B2)


I did the event with G12(+1) Dooku Lead, G11 Geo Soldier, G11 Poggle, G10 Spy(Currently G11) and G8 Nute Gunray. The trick I use is all about Count Dooku surviving the hits and solo all other opposing characters.

For the strategies:
1. During the opposing team's first hit, your characters should all survive except Nute Gunray.
2. Use Dooku's third ability, gain turn meter.
3. Use Poggle's second ability to padme, and call Dooku for the assist.
4. Use Geo Soldier's second ability to anyone
5. Use Spy's SECOND ability to padme. You MUST DEFEAT HER to make this strategy to work. Try again when you didn't kill him.
6. Stun JKA with Dooku's abilities and kill Jedi Sentinel.
7. Kill JKA
8. Defeat rest of the characters

You need Dooku's 'Flawless Ripsote' Zeta to make this work. Dooku should survive opposing team's hits by recovering protection and gaining turn meter.

Modding Tips:
Speed Order: Dooku, Poggle, Soldier, Spy, Nute
Dooku->Speed, Protection(I tried modding him for offense and CD, but it didn't work)
Spy->Critical Damage(I modded for offense, but CD seems to be better)
Soldier, Nute->Anything

And, you need TONS OF RNG. I tried for two hours, but it can take more than that.
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