What are some possible KOTOR GLs?



  • There's definitely no GL's coming for KOTOR or SWTOR, but I'd really like for them to finish up the KOTOR 2 cast and maybe add some SWTOR characters. I'm tired of Visas not having any synergies, I need to add Canderous as Mandalore to my Mando faction team, and it would be great to see the Marauder, Assassin, and SE Trooper with Malgus where they belong smh
  • Actually, if you wanted to stay within the games KOTOR or KOTOR 2, you could still have two gl's. light side would be Meetra Surik, but for dark side, you would have Darth Traya(not the one we have in game), the name Meetra takes on when she falls to the dark side. Then you could require the kotor characters we have in game, as well as releasing the companions of Meetra as well. (like they did for JKR/DR)
  • How about the original Mandalore?
  • Cassus fett or demagol for mandalore/ lucien drayy (dark sion before he felt) or master thon for jedis (maybe satele...) / vitiate is the candidate for the siths
  • Maybe zayne carrick for the fun
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    One of my favorite eras is kotor and would love to see some potential GLs from there. Obviously the best choice would be the revans, but they are already in-game. Darth Malgus? Jedi lady from trailer in Swtor game? What do you think?
    Revan Reborn and Vitiate are pretty much GLs with their raid-like end fights.
    Malgus, Marr, Satele Shan, Arcann, are pretty much Epic characters. Mandalore the Preserver as well

    From Era itself: Marka Ragnos - definitely GL, but probably even More. GL who ruled GLs =D (and has no counter, coz he is the only Sith who established Golden Era of the Sith and dominated whole Galaxy)
    Mandalore the Ultimate could be GL, though it's hard to find him a decent Foe except for Mithra Surik (though she is more of a Epic character)
    Naga Sadow (in par with Empress Teta(Old Republic))
    'The Outlander =D' could be in par with Vaylin

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    The immortal emperor valkurian and his 2 sons and daughter

    His name is Valkorion.
    Legend#6873 | YouTube | swgoh.gg
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