Hi everyone ! New player here

Hi all ! Im a new player in game, f2p, atm lvl 53 and im totaly lost in game.. arena squad i only fight vs 2 types ( Phoenix and bountys) and i cant defeat them.. so from reading a bit im starting building my own phoenix squad..

But i cant pass lvl 3 modifier , and lvl 5/6 dark and Light side.. galatic war cant complete it depends on the days i can get almost to the end other not even close..
I have 42 heroes.. most of them 4* only sidious 5*.. making the phoenix team to see if game changes a bit.. honestly i think my dark team or Light team dont work at all or even the mix ones dont work. My best combo team is sidious ,darth vader, luke ( begginer one) , luminara, cônsul jedi or i use moff tarkin.. all 4/5* gear lvl VI. any suggestions ? Any huge modifications ? Been last weeks doing spending all energy and making events and trying to get further ahead but no sucess.

Thanks guys hope u can help 😍


  • Concentrate on building squads rather than individual toons. Develop one squad which you will get to 7 star plus ability 7. Then move onto the next squad. Don’t try and farm / level your entire roster. That is something to work on in time.

    Make sure your squad synergises, the squad you mention won’t be optimal. Review the journey guide, identify the legendary you want and pick your first squad based on what they unlock. Phoenix will get you thrawn and palp plus two Jedi towards a gym team. Alternatively work on geos if you’re minded to go for padme or gas.

    Geos are great for fleet when you get that, due to the sharing of abilities Phoenix are hard to kill and will help with GW.

    This is a long game. Plan where you want it to take you.

    Let us know what Star Wars chars you like and post as swgoh.gg profile and people will help with more detail.
  • NOW is the time to start working on important ships.

    It's much easier to break through to high-performance in Fleet Arena than to do so with Squad Arena, then you use the crystals from Fleet Arena to catch back up and eventually get ahead in Squad Arena.

    Until you start getting a serious crystal income, you'll want to spend everything you get on either Regular Energy refreshes or Cantina Energy refreshes (or both).

    Make sure you have good allies (preferably with one or 2 GLs - if two, you want one each of light side and dark) to 3-star every mission as soon as you're allowed to attempt it.

    And get into a great guild. For a level 53 player, this means a guild around 100M to 110M gp that is completing Heroic Sith Raids and has Rancor on Sim. Bonus points if HAAT is on Sim as well. In order to get into a great guild, you'll have to promise to spend 600 energy every day, but you can do that easily if you're an every day player. (If you're not an every day player, make sure to tell prospective guilds. You can still get into a decent guild, but probably not a great one.)

    If you don't have any 7* characters, pick one character from Galactic War (probably Cad Bane, but maybe Zeb) and zoom that character up to 7* right away. This is necessary so that you can get the rewards from Heroic raids (you just need **one** 7-star character to sign up and get the benefits).

    If you have one 7* toon already, or starting as soon as you have that one 7* toon, save ALL the rest of your Galactic War currency between now & level 60. Seriously, don't spend any of it.

    Once you hit level 60, buy ships and only ships with your GW currency. We'll help you create a plan for those ships, but probably what you want to do is work on Geonosians now and once you're level 60 use the GW currency to buy Geonosian ships.

    So, that's it for now. Once you sign up at SWGOH.gg and then share the URL for your player profile back here, we can help you with more detailed plans.

    And don't forget to KhanGoldShord's question about characters you like. We'll want to help you have fun, and even if something is the best toon in the game for your level, if you're not going have fun getting/playing that character, you're better off farming something you do like. This is a game, after all, and if you're just doing the efficient thing every time and never the fun thing, you'll end up quitting.

    Having a powerful roster can actually be fun, but the game's about more than power and ticking off to-do items. The only people who really love playing the game for counting gear pieces and character shards are accountants. You don't want to be an accountant. My mom is a retired accountant and that's probably exactly how she would play this game. You don't want to be my mom.

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