SLKR vs JML bug?

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I don't know if this is a bug or if it's WAI - but this is the scenario:

Me: JML lead (r7 max ult), JKL (r7), GK (r5), HYoda (r5), Shaak Ti (r4)
Opponent: SLKR lead (r8 max ult), KRU (r7), Hux (r5), FOO (r5), Sith Trooper (Red Lobster) (r5)

My JML is faster by just a little - 536 vs 526

This is where it's weird - now I don't have SLKR so I don't really get his mechanics that much, but have a general understanding. I've reached full ult, waiting to activate. I've wiped is KRU, Hux & Red Lobster. Only FOO and SLKR are standing - all of a sudden, SLKR has reached his ult at HALF CHARGE, then goes into full ult and wipes my team except JKL and JML. I activate my ult, take down FOO, then lose the match.

I don't care that I lost, it's whatever - I was just wondering if SLKR can activate his ult at literally half charge?


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