Newish player 64 looking for guidance

I just switched into a starter guild and its not really what I am looking I just started this game really and im looking to raid pretty often but my guys are sorta low...just 2 teams lvl 7...Anybody know where i should begin looking for guilds?


  • Focus on 1 team, don’t use starter guilds.
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  • Ya thats kind of what ive done got 2 teams to lvl 7 gear..working on the stars for that team...if anyone has any advice on how to look for a guild or even advice...most of the talk here is all pheonix and thats cool, pheonix is pretty **** cool, but you gotta work your way there.
  • Phoenix is way easier than just about any other team. You can find good guilds in the guild recruitment section
  • my 126k gp is wway too low for most of those guilds..
  • my 126k gp is wway too low for most of those guilds..

    I know it seems that way, but there are a TON of 100m gp guilds who complete Heroic Sith Raid and would be happy to have you as long as you get your 600 raid tickets every day.

    Instead of worrying about picking a guild that's going to be supportive of early-game players, you should just make an ad for yourself telling people where you're at, linking to your profile, and let the guilds who are eager for new players come to you.

    You'll get many offers almost instantly. Make sure you do not accept an offer unless it's from a guild that
    1. gets more than 24,000 raid tickets per day
    2. is completing Heroic Sith and is simming Heroic Rancor
    3. (Bonus points but not required: simming Heroic Tank)
    4. has actually looked at your profile and knows where you're at in the game
    5. is willing to mentor people without controlling them

    This really isn't too much to ask for in this game, and there will be more than one guild that meets these minimum criteria. Of those, just choose the one that you click with best - someone that makes you laugh, someone that seems extra helpful, the one with the best raid times, whatever.

    If you're not sure how to craft an ad, just follow the template in the thread for players seeking guilds or ask anyone here in this conversation for help.
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