Need advice on next faction


Seeking some opinions on next direction to go in. I am putting the finishing touches on my Padme squad and want to farm a different faction next. I'm 19 shards away from having GK at R5 (once I can get him to 7*).

Should I focus on one of:
Vadar + Team
CLS (already have Han, chewie and CLS)
GAS farm

I just feel I'm at a crossroads and don't know which way to go.



  • C3po needed for GAS. So go for that
  • Schwartzring
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    edited February 17
    3PO is also used to fill out the CLS team so I agree.
    That said, I'm assuming you are talking GEAR here since Stars/shards for the Vader/Empire team should basically fill themselves in.

    Between Vader, Palps, Thrawn, Tarkin, Royal Guard, Snow, & Storm I find Empire to be one of the most "Free" teams in the game as far as getting a team going. You basically don't even have to farm them, they just come to you between Phoenix & Bronziums

    Ewoks on the other hand only give you the mostly crappy ones for "Free" and you have to actually "Farm" the more useful ones.

    So if you don't have Ewok "shards" done yet, maybe Gear up Empire while you farm Wicket/Logray/Chirpa/Paploo
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