Ki-adi-mundi issues under Kenobi leader (solved)

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I guess I have a trouble with Ki adi mundi mechanics synergy with general Kenobi. I've been using this team on picture for GW against those crap teams just to test how does it work.

Ki-adi-mundi gives +40% health to everyone, and 10% of the total health of each character is add as offense!

Barriss takes 36K damage, ahsoka 28K, ki-adi-mundi 28K, Anakin... No comments so no issues and I can note the huge amount of extra damage...

General Kenobi instead takes only a miserable 8K! His offense should something like: basic offense 5.600 11.500 (bonus of 10% of health that is 83k +40%) + 1120 (ki adi mundi +20% offense) then his offense should be something like ~18.200.

A test done was remove Ki-adi-Mundi from the team and do a couple of nodes
So the damage was reduced
Barriss 36K to 6.5K
Ahsoka 28K to 19.5K
Anakin 58K to 37K
Kenobi almost the same!
The test was done in the same node few times with and without KAM...
I know Gen Kenobi gives +40% health to them but that doesn't explain the huge amount of damage difference

Can anybody help me understand that or maybe is just a sort of bug. 100% of attacks cause that low damage

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