Join now! Only 2 spots remaining in Krath Batallion (209M GP), get 20+ Wat shards!!

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Looking for a guild that likes to have fun while still being competitive? Looking for a guild that does all heroic raids, gets about 20+ Wat Tambor shards in DS Geo TB, and is pursuing GAS and all the Galactic Legends? Then our guild is for you!

Guild Name: Krath Battalion

SWGOH.GG Profile:

Discord: We have one, but prefer to only invite once you're part of the guild. We recently created a whole new server, and we're trying to get more active on there!

Guild GP: 209 million (with 48 members)

Raids: hPIT sim (join period at 5:30 PM EST, sims 12 hours later), hAAT sim (join period at 5:30 PM EST, sims 12 hours later), hSTR (usually clear in a few hours, join period at 6 AM EST, opens 12 hours later)

Territory Battles: Consistently get 20 stars in DS Geo TB and 10 stars in LS Geo TB! We usually get around 20 or more Wat Tambor shards in DS Geo TB, too.

Requirements: We like to have fun and encourage each other in this guild! We're pushing to get as many accounts with DR, Malak, and GAS, and we're also pushing for the Galactic Legends too (we now have over half a dozen members with at least one GL, and one member has both SLKR and SEE). We don't have a strict GP requirement, but a minimum of 2.5-3.0 million or above would be preferred. Obviously, a strong roster is preferable to a bloated GP, so if you have a good roster of meta-relevant toons (specifically ones to help with the Geo TBs and Territory Wars), we'd love to have you! Hurry and join now before the next TB starts!

Contact: You can message me on here if interested or reach out to me in the game. My ally code is 314-991-564.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!
NoseComplaint, Krath Battalion Leader
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