Future Mandalorian Characters

With the release of a Mandalorian tag, I’d be surprised if they didn’t add in new mandalorian characters, especially because there aren’t really enough characters to make a decent team. So I thought I’d share my thoughts, let me know what you think.

Bo Katan- she recently played an important role in the Mandalorian series so I think she would be the most likely. She could be a good leader for the faction to pull them together. Right now we just have the Armorer’s leadership which isn’t great so Bo Katan’s leadership could make the Mandalorian faction pretty good.

Pre Visla - he could also have a good leadership, maybe more of an offensive leadership and Bo Katan could have a more defensive leadership or something.

Paz Visla - He is the big mandalorian in the first season of the Mandalorian series. He could be added as a tank, seeing how the only mandalorian tank currently is Gar Saxon and he isn’t a great character.

Maul - A character I would love to see (but doesn’t seem too likely) would be Clone Wars Maul. He would have his robotic legs and potentially the dark saber. He could have sith and scoundrel tags and maybe have mandalorian synergy included in his leadership seeing how he did rule Mandalore for a bit. Also to work with Maul, they could add the Prime Minister guy (I don’t remember his name) or maybe add clone wars season 7 Gar Saxon (when he added horns to his helmet to look like Maul) or some of the other mandos that worked with him (maybe call them Maul troopers?)

Those are my ideas. Anyone have any other fun Mandalorian characters?
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