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I'm no where near Logray and don't plan on going for him. I need to know how I can better mod them as I am having no luck, and should I use Scout or Teebo? Also I'm fully aware I need to continue working on gear, just looking for help with the best mods at this time. I figured I'd be able to clear tier 5 of the event with my current gear, but I'm nowhere close at the moment. Thanks in advance!

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    I know you don't want to hear this but you will have to bring them to G12 with out logray to stand any chance, if you had logray at even G10 right now you would be able to do the event with a ton of attempts. That being said, EE needs more health mods and get rid of that Tenacity cross if you can, you wont be able to build up enough of it to matter in this event. His speed is good though. CC needs the Zeta to have a chance at a 7* 3p0 and swap over all your good mods to these guys for the event.

    to give you some mod help, i would create lay outs with all your best mods, for these guys you need lots of health, protection and speed. I would eat the cost of assigning them to your ewoks and then switch them back after and it might help. if you stick to the meta with these guys you will be able to do the event but right now you will have to pump tons of gear and at least the CC zeta.

    I was able to do 5* the other day with zCC G9, Paploo G9, EE G11, logray G9 and wicket G7 after about 20 try's.
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