hope this helps

I play this game for over 2 years now and im FTP. back then the meta was JKR. in 2 years meta change from JKR > Darth Revan > GAS > GL Rey/SLKR > now according to swgoh gg the no.1 team is JKR lead with full of characters that you wont get for years if you are FTP.

from what I learned so far in terms of farming.... get Separatist team...the bugs probably the easiest...you can gear up some of them esp geo spy...if you can then get GBA for padme... to get GBA you probably need to gear up either dooku or nute (i was doing phoenix way back then so not sure which one. GBA didnt even exist).

once you got full squad bugs...then you can get padme....bugs probs one of the easiest good team to get (my 115k bounty hunter team cant even beat 99k geos) and u can help your guild mates getting wat tambor shards as well. and those 3 bugs ships are useful for early fleet arena

while farming bugs u can farm anakin and ahsoka on the side too
dont forget to get bossk and houndstooth

once u get padme then start build her squad...anakin, ahsoka, kenobi, gmy for arena...or grand arena...plus anakin, ahsoka and kenobi got ships too and they're meta.

my suggestion is dont throw away your ship game. fleet arena is easier to conquer than squad. and u can zeta characters faster. im using negotiator team and currently i can still finish no.1 daily.

once u get bugs and padme teams, u can start working on shaak ti clones and grievous droids for GAS....( just got GAS couple of days ago)

so far in my experience these 4 teams are pretty hard to beat

my thoughts on getting these 4 teams
first is they're not that hard to farm....only padme and gmy need 5 specific characters to get and the team that I use to get padme is not a bad team. to get gmy farming bastilla, jolee and just one random jedi probs not bad idea...
2nd they are useful for TB and TW and GAC

obviously I still cant beat some darth revans team with relic 7 malak but at least I dont really waste resources (canderous ordo, carth onasi and juhani go to the bin after you got darth revan) plus the ship is not meta.

this is not really a thorough farming guide cos i already forgot how things works in the early days but if I can redo what I did probs this is how I do it....
I started with phoenix back in the day, then empire, then CLS, then JKR while farming bounty hunters on the side. these days all these 4 teams are just fillers in my GAC squad.

surely some people will disagree with this and thats make sense. this is probably not the best guide but I tried to use as less resources as possible. Im at 200+ in squad arena atm but hopefully my GAS team can get me in better position

side note: i got matched with someone with SLKR and r7 darth revan on my GAC the other day and I can still clear my opponent...the thing with farming galactic legends characters early is you end up with one really good team and heaps of average teams and bad fleet team.

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