Matchmaking by GAC and TW is urgent to be reviewed.

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This pairing system is a shame.
GAC with 8 players, 7 with legends, with PG ranging from 4.5M to 6.1M and an opponent with 5M of PG without legend in the middle of this raw fire.

I am not going to expose the person's, who in protest put the worst possible defense as a way of expressing himself. If the staff is interested in analyzing the case for my ally code 775 338 965

Whether it will be necessary to create more PG tracks at GAC and TW I don't know but I think it should be done yesterday. I don't know if in English there is that equivalent expression to say how urgent this is.

I doubt that this is a marginal case, and even if it were, it should not happen under any circumstances. it is like declaring to the player, you have already lost by our drawing standards.

In short, at least communicate what you intend to do in the near future.


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