Please add sim ability to all repeating events

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Rebel Roundup is a prime example. It takes far too long to complete. CG, please consider not forcing players to slog through this every time if they've 3*'ed the event in the past.
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  • Agreed. Honestly, it's just inconsistent - most of the repetitive things players "have" to do and already mastered (daily challenges, LS, DS, fleet and Cantina battles, some raids, etc) are simmable.....except the 8 phase slog of Assault Battles.

    At the very least, work it like GC. Beat a level and receive that and all previous level rewards. But it should be simmable if you've 3 starred it the last 37 times...
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    An auto complete feature similar to the one in GCs would be nice. If you complete any tier of the event the lower tiers will auto complete as well. This way you would still have to beat one tier every time the event occurs.
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