Active guild looking for 1 member, Have 5 GL in guild

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The End Order of the Galaxy is looking for anybody that want to join our guild, we have 49 members at 36 million gp, doing heroic pit, heroic aat, and tier 5 sith. Raids are auto launch at 11:00 pm utc. Just tried something new to give everyone a chance to attack, we ask to wait till the next day to kill the raids.We get about 25,000 tickets a day. Have one member with 2 GL. All we ask is be active, if your going to be gone longer then 7 days, let us know and you won't be removed. Try to get 600 tickets but it isn't mandatory. Please join or if you have any questions, feel free to reach me in game, my ally code is 315-592-536 (can message me on here also but might not get back to you as fast as in game). Can't wait to hear from you guys
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