The "Special Offer" is causing problems - Please, no more sidebar location!

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I appeal to you Devs to alter the "Special Offer" so it appears on the sidebar for < or = to LVL 85's who have less than 4m GP (and that's being generous). Other than that, let it appear in the store like every other pack in the game. It's worth about as much or less than anything else in there.

At this point EA, I'm of the opinion that you are you're trying to milk the low IQ population of the game. Taking advantage of your intellectually deficient players by presenting this pack as more important than nearly every other meaningful event in the game, as it never falls off the sidebar - but it sure kicks things off the sidebar.

Shame. You know that "Special Offer" does nothing for even the slightest seasoned LVL 85 player.

We have guildies missing TW because they didn't see it coming in time - and without proper preparation, they sit it out (or never even see it at all) because the "Special Offer" somehow knocks the TW icon off the sidebar as if it's more important. Same with TB.

Maybe someone reads this who has sway, maybe not. Maybe the game you designed isn't even able to do such a meager task.

But most likely, it's probably because I'm just a player and who cares right? Gotta make that

Rant completed.
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  • You don't have anyone missing anything because of the special offers. They fixed that a while ago. Sure, they're annoying clutter, but they don't push any events off the screen anymore.
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    I think the blanket statement of the offers made in game is a little off, they may be out of the price range of some players and not offer what some think should be offered for the price, but there are many offers that are very good for roster development, no matter you level.

    Level 85 means nothing as far as worth of what's offered.

    Seasoned or veteran players have many different needs and paths. Even the hyperdrive bundle, which is geared towards new players was purchased by many veteran players due to it's worth in gear development.

    And see above on the events moving around, no one has missed an event since they fixed it due to any special offers.
  • I think events missing to show up on the sidebar is related to how the game sometimes fail to show graphical content after last years migration to the new Unity version. This combined with the hyper bundle “always” being there creates the illusion of the hyperbundle taking precedence over events.
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