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Even with full guilds it is difficult to consistently get 30K tickets because of various reasons. I propose that everyday people can get a certain number of extra tickets for their guild, say 5%.

5% is not high that incomplete guilds will have an advantage, but it will still give some flexibility to guilds.


  • Kyno
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    Getting a guild full of players who can and will do their 600 can be a struggle, but it is the bare minimum required in game by many guilds.

    This idea has been brought up many times, in one way or another, but unfortunately will not become a reality.

    You should work on a system to encourage players to contribute and have a good recruiting circle to replace those who dont.
  • Waqui
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    Alternatively accept that you may raid marginally less frequently if your guild looses a few tickets here and there.

    The ticket system is a way to incentivize activity every day and having complete/full guilds. I don't expect it to be changed.
  • I am not a GM in a guild, just feel that this would be a good thing to implement.
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