GAS 501st vs GLs?

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I have recently gotten my gas to r7 and am running my 141k gas clones as my arena team. I can beat drevans and gas mirror matches pretty easily and consistently, but have reached the GL wall.

Do I have a chance to beat any of the GLs with gas clones (no wat)? And if so, which GLs are worth attempting?
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  • Definitely don't try SEE, GAS gets linked, loses his protection and doesn't recover it so he doesn't stand back up until the clones are killed.
  • I’ve had luck with GAS against SLKR in GAC I swap out ARC for Chewbacca. You need to make sure 5’s gets Chewbacca’s guard buff to keep him alive while GAS is napping. This works in 3v3 GAC also. Otherwise GAS and the clones are mainly a clean squad for GAC GL battles. I suggest you watch some YouTube videos on countering GL’s for more information.
  • That's right, it's something to do with SLKR's AI that he always targets fives but doesn't use specials or his ultimate.
  • Gas with full 501 can beat the Bastila-JML-Wat Combo.
  • Gas 501st beats rey pretty easy
  • xGriiMErZ wrote: »
    Gas 501st beats rey pretty easy

    The new super secret 501st counter to Rey, CUP, Ugnaught, Lobot and Jedi Guardian?
    Legend#6873 | YouTube |
  • xGriiMErZ wrote: »
    Gas 501st beats rey pretty easy
    Only some non-conventional comps like Rey-Jawas that you probably won't see in arena.
  • I've beaten a few reys with bros/501st, there's rng in timing whirlwind and ultimate while gas is standing but its doable
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