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Hello Galaxy Heroes! Hope everything is going well.
Have a question in regards of guilds who have members that can solo all or some phases.

We currently have one SLKR that can solo it and a handful that use GAS to get through several phases. Some members are bringing concerns because of this. With SLKR, most cant do multiple tries on a phase because it ends in 20 minutes or so.
My question is for the guild leaders and officers:
How do you deal with this issue?
Set rotations on who hits?
Change the time of the raid?
What rules have you set so most of the guild is happy?
We currently sim the other two raids and the bew rancor is a different challenge in itself. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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    We ask the any solo runs are only posted after 30 mins to give those who want to make attempts a chance to do so.
  • Ask the person with SLKR to hold off on posting until the 30 minute mark. If you punish that person for farming the best character in the game they will more than likely leave your guild.
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  • We have a thirty minute window (some guilds might do more) where no-one is allowed to post a solo. That lets most people hit at least a couple of the phases.

    We have one or two that sometimes don't stick to it, which is frustrating for the rest.
  • We have a 30 minute window before anyone can clear the raid + we rotate the top ten.
  • I'm the only one with SLKR in my guild and I always wait at least 30 minutes and check that at least several people started getting points before I do the raid. This way the people who want to participate in the raid, try various teams and get the higher rewards can do it (that's less than 10 people in my guild).
  • We do the 20-30 minute hold as well.
    We also rotate the start time so that our EU players have a raid that starts at a convenient time for them since the window is so short.
  • I am currently the only one in my guild that can solo, so I wait at the end of my run until the Phase 3 complete message + 10 minutes.

    Usually it's about 45 minutes and I'm not doing much at that time anyway, so I just set my phone down and periodically check the chat. Works fine for everyone. Lets them hit p4 too.
  • yeah in my guild we have 1 person (or did but he quit the game) that could solo it, but he always stopped at p3 to 4 to allow everyone else to go, then he cleans up after.
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  • We let us more high end players after more of newer players (we have people below 200k gp) to go first to give them chance or don't attack at all to give them better rewards; I do this alot in Sith Raid and HAAT.
  • I'm the only one soloing at the moment. I usually wait until p2 is nearly done or we are into p3 before I start with kylo. I'll auto with sith empire in p1 just to break the 0 damage mark in case I forget to jump in with kylo.
  • Thank you all for this! Seems like an easy fix!
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