Sith Trooper (Lobster) hitting Hoda while stealthed

The vast majority of times when Sith Trooper uses his aoe while Hoda is stealthed, Hoda dodges. (Full FO SLKR team) Every once in a while Sith Trooper will hit Hoda while stealthed. I can't figure out why. My guess was perhaps it was due to Siphon, but Hoda does not have evasion as part of his mastery stats. What am I missing?


  • ST is Strength Attacker archetype. He gains accuracy at relics levels thereby giving him a small chance of hitting Hoda even with his 100% evasion while under stealth.
  • Yeah any ACC increase is gonna be subtracted from the EVA stat. Plus even 100% is not 100% in game math. There is always a built in small % variance, so even with 100%+ difference, there is always a small chance to land a hit.
  • Interesting. Lobster's 10.5% accuracy (at R6) is enough to reduce Hoda's 102% Down. Didn't think of Hoda's evasion in the mathematic sense, was thinking of it in the absolute sense. Thanks for the help!
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