Active Smaller Guild Recruiting (27-0 TW/LS Hoth TB/DS Geo TB/All Heroic Raids)

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Polis Massa Hope is a guild fully committed to fun, growing your characters and learning how to play SWGOH. We have a mix of new players and veteran players who are active everyday. Our dedicated officers and veterans are here to help all players improve their rosters daily. We have a lively Discord server full of resources and all things Star Wars. Although we are very active and have been very successful, this guild is a low stress environment...we're committed to playing the game and having fun.

Our ideal recruits will have a Galactic Power of 250K and be ready to raid and help the guild daily. But we're flexible.

Raids: All Heroic
Territory Battles: LS Hoth/DS Geo
Territory Wars: 27-0

If you're interested in joining please send me a message in one of the following ways:
Ally Code: 166494741
Discord: Whitefly425#8202

I promise you will not be disappointed joining our guild
Thanks for your time
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  • If your serious about growing we could take 15 to 20 of your top/active players. We have roughly 30 very active people. We finish all heroic raids, get roughly 33 to 35 stars on Hoth. Like you we are just starting doing Geo events. We do fairly well in TW but not 22 and 0. Feel free to message me in game 239 793 388.
  • We’re currently looking for one player. Ping me if you’re interested!
  • @Whitefly425, 2 players here who bought the hyper drive and hyper farming SLKR 800k GP each looking for a home
  • We have one opening. Please message me in-game or Discord. Apologies if I’ve missed your message in this forum. Thanks!
  • We have one more opening. If you’re a newer and very active player this is the guild for you. Please message me in-game or Discord.
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