Several Spots Open [29 DS Geo / 17 LS Geo When Full]

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The ORJ is 200M GP and is looking for players to join us. We are a semi casual guild but still require 600 tickets a day. Need those raid rewards :rofl:

TW is organized and optional - 2/3 of the members usually sign up for each one. Joining TW requires participation on offense and defense. Few exceptions made.

We have a great group of people able to discuss strategy, mods, and anything else you need. We are laid back, no drama, and easy going.

We run both Geo TBs.

Guild Reset 5:30pm EST
Tank 7PM EST sim
Sith 8PM EST
Pit 9pm EST sim

DSGTB 29* when full
LSGTB 17* when full

Some things we need from you:
- 4M+ GP
- 600 daily is required
- read discord when needed, most info is posted within events in game
- joining TW = offense and defense

Come have a look for yourself!
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