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First of all I’m very excited about the upcoming Galactic Conquest, it looks like it has a lot of potential. I also liked the Galactic Challenges overall.

However I also have some feedback about how updates have been handled the last year. After the migration to the latest Unity engine there’s been a lot of new bugs and glitches introduced. Missing graphics, flickering, lagging, crashing, layers appearing in the wrong order, hit boxes are misaligned, graphics that are partially off screen disappears completely, information state gets unsynched between client & server. Some are merely inconvenient but others are game breaking and really hurts this game.

I realize that testing & quality assurance can’t catch every bug but some things are clearly not tested at all before release. It gives a very sloppy impression besides impeding players from enjoying the game.

Another thing is even though I like Galactic Challenges it didn’t feel complete when launched and that’s ok if you take the feedback from the player base on improvements they wish to see and implement them. I know you can’t please everybody and some things shouldn’t be changed. But you can at least have a retrospective with the player base and address the different feedback and letting us know what will be changed before calling it final. And it should be done in a timely matter. The sooner the better.

The “message” you send out with adding a new game mode before clearly communicating on the future of the previously released game mode is that you have already abandoned that from any additional improvements. Which is a shame really because it is mostly fun and could be great with some tweaks and polishing.

Even though you’ll probably don’t have time to reply, I do hope you read this and take it to heart because I really believe it would benefit both the players and the company.
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