Ventress Crimson Dawn is recruiting new players


Ventress Cгімsои Dаши (VCD) is a new, friendly guild looking for new players and new alt accounts.
Looking for players at lvl 85 and at least 500kGP

I’ve been playing SWGOH since the beginning (4yr veteran) and I have created a new account and joined with the Ventress Moon Alliance to help train a new generation of players.

We can offer help with character development, smart resource management, and mod optimization.
All I ask is you stay active

Our goal at VCD is to help new players learn about the game, and to provide an environment to grow lower-gp accounts. We have an active Discord community, filled with people willing to help and to have fun and make friends.

We are only weeks old, and filling quickly! Come join a resource-rich, supportive and fun guild while space lasts!

Please feel free to DM me or join our discord server with any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Join the Cгімsои Dаши and together we will plunder the riches of this galaxy ......
and we have cookies. 😜

Thanks, Evo
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