Ally Code Sharing [March 2021]

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I have 6 slots open on my Allies list. Ally Code: 396-555-343. I will kick you if you go inactive. Send me an ally request. First come, first serve.

DS: R7 SL Kylo Ren
LS: R7 Gen Skywalker:


  • Hello I am relatively new and grinding the campaign and Phoenix team members. I am also looking for Allies to help me in this process. My ally code is 589-238-829. I am having a blast so far but know the process is long. Appreciate any help I can get light or dark side friends
  • Hello, I am a new (level 50) player working my way through the game. I'm looking for any allies that will help me progress quickly, my ally code is 141-749-342, thanks for any help.
  • Altu5_V3r0
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    All ally spots full. Will update later
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  • Darth_Starkiller1
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    298-652-475 all full for now.
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  • My code is 396-219-289. Just started a new account and looking for any allies to help me progress.
    Thanks in advance for any help!
  • CarroSwe
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    I made an account to mess around with for a few weeks. Looking for players who can carry me through nodes until I can grow a strong team myself.
    I will remove all allies when I stop playing.

    651 575 997
  • Relatively new, working hard on my account at least 6 days a week. Lvl 74 and growing quick. Appreciate any allies I can get. Code: 456-526-567
    Please add me.
  • Newish acct here, trying to push through some battles.. Any help would be much appreciated!
  • High Level Allies Needed for Cantina Battles Level 8. My Code Is 769-649-211
  • Hello I am Rex16 and New to the game. I am looking for some strong alllies to help with leveling in the game. My ally code is 667 399 273. All help is appreciated
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