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We know you have lots of guilds to choose from, so to help you with that decision, let me tell you about us:

We are an independent standalone guild (i.e. no alliances, no player movement between guilds, etc.), with an average power of ~5.5M

We require the use of discord, and have a guild discord; please message me and I would be happy to send an invite out to browse around. We have active members there – always willing to discuss strategy / offer tips or just hang out.

We’re a mature guild, with the bulk of us having been together for several years now. More specifically, we’re an adult oriented guild, so recognize our members have families & other commitments - hence we do not push farming requirements (but nice if you farm the right ones on your own) or 600 tickets a day on people (but nice when they get them). Just please don't get a zero on tickets, without letting us know your absence on discord. Fortunately, we have a great family going – our members actively enjoy all aspects the game and while we don’t prod, we do generally get the 600 tickets & full TB / TW participation.

Territory Battles – This is definitely a favourite focus area for the guildies. We run both Geos. DS we typically hit 30* and ~35+ Wat shards (we’ve all long since 7* him). LS we have been getting 17* and 5-7 KAM shards, however a couple members have been focused on clones so expect that to grow. We expect everyone to fully participate in TB.

For Territory Wars – If you want to sit out the occasional one, no problem. However, we ask you register the bulk of the time.
- Defense: We set recommended squads to the different zones and ask you fill 4+1
- Offense: Attack as often you see fit, however we ask that you don’t preload TM & are efficient with your attacks (we loosely keep track of attack efficiency)

For raids: We have 24 hour join period for all raids. We auto HAAT and pit. HSTR launches at 8 PM EST. We’re also focusing on clearing CPIT (9PM EST) – while we’re not quite there, we’re very eager to keep progressing until we clear it – so looking for folks willing to grow and work with us to get it done. That being said CPit is not mandatory nor will we make it such - we’ll get there when we get there (and want to ensure the IRL balance is maintained first).

What we’re looking for:

- We’re looking for people that fit in with the “vibe” of the guild. I.e. mature, enthusiastic to the game, wanting to work together to get the best rewards, willingness to grow with us and a desire to stay somewhere stable
- While there is some leeway, we would generally be looking for someone 4.5M power GP+ as would want folks able to keep pace with the rest of the guild in raids / TB / TW.

If what I’ve said seems like the right fit or if you have any additional questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We pride ourselves at being competitive yet chill, so if that’s what your looking for – we could be the right fit for you!

Discord: maleic #6048
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