Fankit for GL ARC-17 "Alpha"

The supposedly best Clone Trooper made and the predecessor to Rex, who at the initial design was meant to be Alpha before the changes were made to what he is now. I've always wondered if there was a way to make GL Clones work, and this is my first attempt at it.
I hope you enjoy the read and that I earn your honest feedback!
ARC-17 "Alpha"
Roles: Light Side, Clone trooper, Galactic Republic, Attacker, Leader, Galactic Legend
Description: An experienced Attacker who gives his clone allies bonuses based on enemy classes and reduces cooldowns frequently.

(Basic) Eliminate
Deal physical damage to target enemy two times and inflict Tenacity Down for 2 turns. If this Ability is used out of turn, deal damage a third time and deal a critical hit, if possible. This Ability cannot be evaded or countered.

(Special) In my Sights (4 turn CD)
Dispel all buffs on all enemies, then apply detrimental effects based on enemy Roles:
- Attacker: Marked, Vulnerable and Defense Down for 1 turn
- Support/Healer: Speed Down, Max. Health Down for 2 turns and -20% Turnmeter
- Tank: Buff Immunity, healing Immunity and Stun for 1 turn.

If at least 1 enemy resists or evades this Ability, all Allies reduce all their cooldowns by 1. Then, for each clone trooper ally active, all allies gain +5% Turnmeter.

(Special) Advanced Recon Assault (5 turn CD)
Inflict Offense Down, Defence Down and Max. Health Down for 2 turns on all enemies, then Call all allies to assist against the target enemy, dealing +10% Damage for each active Clone Trooper Ally. If the target enemy is not defeated, All Allies reduce their cooldowns by 1. This Ability grants allies bonuses based on enemy Roles:
- +20% Critical Damage for each enemy Attacker
- +25% Defence Penetration for each enemy Support/Healer
- +20% Health steal for each enemy Tank

If an enemy is defeated by this Ability, they cannot be revived and all Clone Trooper Allies increase their Mastery by +25% until the end of the Encounter.

(Leader) Master-Unit Training Program
All Allies have +30% Critical Chance and Critical Damage. Clone Troopers gain +100% Counterchance and +30 Speed

All allies increase their Mastery by 2% whenever a Clone Trooper Ally attacks out of turn, doubled if they are below 100% Health. Whenever a Clone Trooper attacks out of turn, they gain +20% Potency (Stacking, until the end of their next turn) and +10% Turnmeter. If they do not deal a critical hit Out of Turn, they cleanse up to 3 debuffs on themselves, prioritizing Offense Down, Critical Damage Down and Critical Chance Down, if present.

For each Light Side enemy, Clone Trooper allies gain +10% Maximum Protection and for each Dark Side enemy, Clone Trooper allies gain +10% Offense.

(Unique) Alpha-Trooper
At the beginning of each Encounter, if all allies are Clone Troopers, "Alpha" gains +100% Tenacity and becomes immune to Taunting Effects.

Whenever an enemy Attacker or Support falls below 100% and 50% Health, Alpha gains +15% Turnmeter and Offense (Stacking) until the end of the Encounter.

Whenever another Clone Trooper ally falls below 100% Health for the first time, all Tank allies gain Taunt for 1 turn which cannot be prevented, copied or dispelled. If the ally is Support/Healer, they gain Stealth and Critical Immunity for 2 turns.

If "Alpha'' goes below 100% Health for the first time, all Allies gain Offense Up for 2 turns which cannot be prevented, copied or dispelled.

(Unique) Galactic Legend
This Unit takes reduced damage from percent Health damage effects and massive damage effects. They take massive damage from destroy effects (excludes raid bosses) and are immune to stun effects.

This unit has +10% Max Health and Max Protection per Relic Amplifier level, and damage they receive is decreased by 30%

(Ultimate) Perfect Preparation (Requires 100% Charge to use)
Gain 2% Charge whenever an ally attacks out of Turn, doubled on critical hits.

All debuffs on all allies and all buffs on all enemies are immediately cleansed, then for each Effect cleansed, all Allies increase their Mastery by 5%. Then, all allies gain +20% Offense (Stacking), +20% Maximum Health (Stacking) and +50% Defence (Stacking) until the end of the Encounter. For each enemy Attacker and Support/Healer, all Clone Trooper allies also gain +10% Critical Damage.

If all Allies are Clone Troopers, all allies recover 50% Health and Protection and their Cooldowns are reset.


  • Cool Kit idea. That's Interesting to have a clone as a GL.
  • I've heard of that guy. He's super cool
  • Possible Requirements for Alpha-17:

    Wave 1:

    1. CT-7567 "Rex" (Relic 7)

    2. CT-5555 "Fives" (Relic 9)

    3. CT-21-0408 "Echo" (Relic 7)

    4. General Skywalker (Relic 8)

    5. Plo Koon (Relic 5)

    Wave 2:

    6. Kit Fisto (Relic 5)

    7. Eeth Koth (Relic 4)

    8. Ima-Gun Di (Relic 4)

    9. Jedi Consular (Relic 3)

    10. LAAT Gunship (6 Stars)

    Wave 3:

    11. Clone Sergeant- Phase I (Relic 6)

    12. Jedi Knight Guardian (Relic 4)

    13. Shaak Ti (Relic 7)

    14. Ki-Adi Mundi (Relic 7)

    15. General Kenobi (Relic 8)
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