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Hi guys, so I've been playing for about 6 years. Breaking for years in between because I used to be mainly an end game raider mmorpg style. SWTOR, FF etc. I've dedicated myself to this and learned a ton in a few months. I approached it like an mmo b4. Arena is for folks who dig PVP, Ships same etc. I enjoy playing bad guys so I never built jedis up etc. Well... Now I know and I found focus.I'm currently chasing DR and before I knew what I know now I wasted goods and mats o'plenty... I would love advice on placing the ability mats I have now on the team. I got my very 1st Zeta last week; DV MM and the 2nd one I chose EP Lead. I slaved over that decision thinking perhaps I should use those mats split up around this team for the DR event. So now I have more mats and would love advice you guys. I'll link my roster and thanks a ton in advance!! :)


  • How long does it take you to get zeta mats? How hard is it for you to get ability mats? Definitely try to max out any abilities without zetas on any toons that you use often and for zetas just ask your more experienced guild mates for advice.
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  • Ability mats are the tricky ones. I'm sitting on a ton of Zeta mats right now. Just used my only 5 Omega's for BSF's fear Omega. What I do is run GW as soon as it drops. When Mod challenges reset I run em till they get to 200 crystals cause you get ability mats there also.
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