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    I beat hard with those teams. Feel free to have alook at my roster 257 168 376
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    Hello Holotable Heroes,

    Let's chat about Conquest, strategy, data disks and consumables!

    Some suggestions to get us started are listed below, but feel free to add whatever tips, tricks and other Conquest-related fun stuff you want to throw into the mix.
    • What's your favorite combo of data disks?
    • If you could make your own data disk, what would it do?
    • Share your best strategy for conquering different feats.
    • What squad, data disks, consumables, or strategy did you use to achieve some of the more difficult ones?
    • What's your strategy for Consumables and which ones do you think are the best?
    • What's a squad you've found surprisingly powerful or fun during your runs?

    Favorite Disks: Probably the ones that boost stats on the squad for survivability or for damage based improvement. Especially on normal mode, this is a great method to get things to survive and to get them to actually maintain the 3 stars.

    If I could make my own DD: I would boost something like Health steal, counter attack, and a major boost to base offense and armor. This is sort of how I mod my KRU and would "give" my squad that type of viability in his unique. Even with KRU at extremely high relics, because there isn't a health steal mod, it's hard to get him to have high enough survivability without going pretty heavy into defense. Having a datacard that gives me the ability to add a bit of versatility to my roster is something I'd like to see. It would free me up to use other attacker combinations and give me a bossk lead, kru unique type of synergy on squads that have low sustain. Something along the lines of All allies have added armor, max health, offense and health steal, All tanks counter attack each enemy that damaged them immediately after damage is applied. It'd be a fun one to play with.

    Best strategy for feats: This is honestly my biggest issue and feedback I'd note for hard mode. The mode is "designed" for players starting at 4mil GP. Let's extrapolate that out and say that someone at 4mil is designed to tackle sector 1-1.5, someone at 5mil is designed to handle sector 1.5-2.5, 6mil would be around sector 2.5-3.5, etc. I don't know what that design intent is and where I fit. I struggle because I am against the wall of time and I don't have enough "time" without spending currency, refreshes, etc. If I drop a battle, it feels like an insurmountable issue due to the slow drip of daily attempts (I'm being honest, I feel like it's 3-5 per day). With hard mode, the feats are tuned up to extremely high values and the enemy stats are increased significantly in comparison to normal mode.

    Something like "remove 200% TM" on normal mode ends up being "remove 700% TM" on hard mode. I struggle to get a turn if I have been doing several attempts with a team, losing stamina, and then I end up having issues getting a turn because speed is so low. I would like to see speed removed from stamina as a factor. I'd really like to see speed dramatically decreased as the boost on enemy event abilities or sector boosts for the sake of having the ability to try more teams and to use more of my roster. During the final 7 days, I spent over half of my battles not getting a turn, having 1 member survive, and if we go down the path of RNG (what teams I face) and what abilities are stacked on top of one another, I run into issues and things do feel "unfair" at some point. Adding more QTY to tasks in hard mode, going against that energy time is a real concern in my runs. On this current conquest I have tried to be a lot more efficient with my attempts, used a bit more strategy in my run with a lot more narrow focus. (I was at box 4-5 when entering the final boss node, yesterday).

    My strategy right now, is to just get a very fast character to have a turn. I try to use TM abilities and to have very high 6A mods to progress. probably 6/10 times my high relic characters don't get a turn, 3/10 times I lose half my squad, and 1/10 times I feel like I did something amazing. Beyond that, we know what the "tricks" are that people have been using to get feats done. I'd like to see some dev based feedback, demonstrations, or conversation centered around the speed, TM, and sector boosts. Things like having moff gideon to do TM abilities makes a ton of sense, but due to boosts it just isn't viable for me. In my experience, I was having issues with my thrawn even taking a turn to pass to gideon, or gideon surviving any opening moves beyond sector 2. Some people are using wat to feed TM to overcome this issue, but I really think there is a long-term adjustment that we should have an open conversation about. I want to better understand the design intent (what GP fits what box), and understand how much of my struggle is intended because I am just shooting above where my roster should be. There is a lot to discuss, especially not having Jedi Knight Luke.

    Surprising Squad: I used to have a lot more fun in normal mode with some of the tasks/challenges. I was using nest, Kylo, and several other pieces that I have experience with to do a lot of fun things. To overcome some of the squad abilities. On hard mode, it's a lot more of gritting my teeth and just using SLK to get stuff done. After 2+ failed attempts trying something out, I just use him. Even having a maxed out SEE doesn't work. Watching my shiny new GL die to ewoks, phoenix, or old republic is just difficult. A lot of this goes back to the issue of needing to 3star nodes and not just progress through them. (back to that energy timer). My favorite character to use, probably nest/OGK. I really enjoy using HUX, KRU, but I really would like to feel like I can use a bit more. I do enjoy the aspect of swapping turns to line up a big hit. That is the fun of conquest for me. I guess that's been my biggest "surprise" in the last 2 conquest events. (meaning, the one that was closed early, and the most recent one)

    If I may, I'd really like to ask the developers:

    ---> What do you view as the "fun" of a mode like conquest? Is there specifically a pride of overcoming the challenge or puzzle presented, or is the fun of this mode intended to be more about the community and hive-mind aspects?
    ---> If you could provide a bit of feedback to the community on the subject, what do you view as the next steps for conquest? Will there be more factions or compositions added? Will we see more options for a given team we see now?
    ---> By removing or tweaking some of the abilities on the player side (cooling systems), will there be any further adjustments to enemy squads to provide some balance to the mode? Is this something being discussed on the team?
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    something i thought about for future conquests. at the end of sector 5 we get to choose 1 final data disk. why not in the future make it where we can choose 1-2 disks from the entire pool at that point. we already finished the battles why not let us have a chance at getting a data disk we couldnt find earlier (like the purples that can be elusive)
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    flux_rono wrote: »
    something i thought about for future conquests. at the end of sector 5 we get to choose 1 final data disk. why not in the future make it where we can choose 1-2 disks from the entire pool at that point. we already finished the battles why not let us have a chance at getting a data disk we couldnt find earlier (like the purples that can be elusive)

    Because the expectation is you'll have to go back and finish feats and they clearly want an element of RNG in the discs you can get.
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