Quality of Life

Could You please make a sticky thread for the Quality of life updates that You are working on and if possible address it in the road ahead posts. And while Were at the subject. MAKE QoL changes..

Here's some of the ones I'm wishing for:

Make it possible to choose to post or not to post damage on a raid with a dialog box:
you did 400000 damage equaling to 14% would you like to post this damage Yes or No

Scale battlenodes Light/Dark/Cantina/Fleet so that it fits within the screen and you don't have to swipe left or right. Same for the basic screen Make it fit the screen.

Show all currencies/energy form main screen

Keep buttons at the same place so that back is always back Like in the store when You buy from allied points finish is always finish.

Make it possible to "Sim" the store so that you can run 20 purchases from the alliedpoints at a time.

Make a button to go to top where the back arrow is and move back arrow to the right of the top button, so it's always easy to go back to the main screen.

Change payout-timers, Shop refreshes and energy-timers so each has an individual timer and people can place them at the time of day that fits RL better.

Change the energy timers so that You automaticcally recieve the energy bonus at the expiration of the 2 hr window and remove the energy cap so people like weekend warriors can hoard massive energy for weekends.

Remove annoying notification reminder

Make decent tools for managing Mods, and total inventory

Give us the freekin sandbox(friendlist) mode, with each fight costing sim tickets and with no reward


  • Also would like to see these changes to raids and TB

    Make Hpit and HAAT choice to sim an individual one. So people who need different aspects for Quests and such can do this while the rest of the guild still are able to sim the raids.

    Give us both TB so there is one running pr. week, just reduce the rewards or leave them as the rewards are pretty low for end game players compared w. newer contents
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