Cpit guild that punches up above their weight!

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We’ve recently gone through a merger to become a more focussed/competitive guild. Before our merger we were doing 30/15 in TB and got 10 KAM shards last month. We also had a 95% win rate in TW. Now with all of the most serious players between two guilds we will now be beating all of our previous benchmarks. We currently have 48/50 players and are sitting at 253m GP with 65 GL’s and beat Cpit this past weekend!

The guild is buzzing after the merger and we’re eager to fill up our last few spots. There’s tons of good vibes right now and everyone is pumped to see what we can accomplish with a whole guild of focussed players.

We’ve got a great Discord server with helpful bots (DSR, EchoStation, HotBot - Habanero), memes, good camaraderie and everyone is very engaged on all levels of the game.

If this sounds like a good fit for you and you’re ready for KAM, Crancor, good TW/TB performance, and you’ve got at least 5mil GP (will look at smaller accounts if focussed), then please come chat with us:

- 253 Mil GP UK/US guild (48/50) 65 GLs
- 30* DS Geo TB (35+ Wat shards)
- 15* LS Geo TB (10+ KAM shards)
- HSTR 6pm UTC (1pm EST)
- HAAT and HPIT simmed 7pm UTC (2pm EST)
- CPIT 7pm UTC (2pm EST) on Saturdays
- 95%+ win rate in TW (haven’t lost since November)
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