Aggressive Negotiations T VII Padme Event (Magnaguard is my easiest 5th)

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Hi guys, here's a screenshot of what I have available for this event. Magnaguard is sitting at 100/100 ready to promote so if need be I can run this right now. Thing is I'm working on the DR event and this is just something to finish up while getting my last 2 toons to 7 stars. I'm not hurting for credits but if you guys know that Magnaguard is a bad choice,pkazmcsrxd54.jpg
I won't use him and wait till I get Nute up or something. So since I need a 5th and Magnaguard is right here; do you think he's a waste of time inserting here to finish this up? Also use CD lead? I'm sitting on some ability mats too to work a few of these guys up a lil' higher. Thanks!!!
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    Magna isn't a waste of Time or currency since you will need him for GAS later anyway. I honestly don't remember padme event quite well. I think you are a bit low on everything for 7*
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    Magna is worth investing in, just don't give him that worthless zeta! B1 is the healer to his tank, Sep droid squad is an excellent team once it has relics.
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    only problem with what you have is you don't have a real powerhouse attacker on that team. You have 2 tanks in Magna and Sun Fac. Magna's damage will be next to nothing. Poggle will buff, Sun Fac can cleanse their buffs, Dooku can counter and geo soldier will be the only one doing much damage. I'd work Geo Spy up instead. That stabby stab will be very useful.

    P.S. gear levels a bit low for t7. IIRC, you need around g11 for t7. My alt did it with g12 bugs + g11 GBA.
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    yeah i would go for gba
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