Thoughts on F2p Phasma lineup

Hi I just wanted to know your thoughts on this lineup:

All maxed out except for Rey at 6*
Phasma (L)
Qui Gonn

For defensive purposes, I will put Dooku as leader and Phasma will be in the regular lineup

Currently im running a rebel team with:
Ackbar, Han, Geo? HRS and Dooku/Rey

I like my currebt lineup and im able to get top 5 with it if I plan my attacks right but I usually drop till 20th at night. Therefore this lineup doesn't fare defensively since Acbar heals even with no debuffs when I do autoplay

So my question is would my first lineup work better defensively and is it still good offensively vs. a Jedi team composed of Qui Gon,Rey, Geo, Yoda and Dooku for example?

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!


  • Sparrow
    517 posts Member
    I actually dropped Phasma entirely to put dooku in my line up and im not regretting it at all.
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