Go for Bo Katan or wait for next GLs?

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April is near and I have a feeling we are getting close to new GLs. But maybe, with all that mando stuff they skip the release this time to summer or fall.. what do you thing?


  • Nauros
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    All the new stuff we got recently is Mando-related, so any high-profile character we get in the near future (if there is one), be it GL, Legendary, Journey or whatever, will probably be Mando-related too. And require (or at least make a good use of) Bo-Katan.
    That said, I would at least wait until she is in shipments.
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  • I think all the mando stuff will be the requirements for the next GL. It is sort of what happened with SLKR/Rey. They introduced new characters that were required for the GL.

    I think JML got the 'new' JKL, and SEE got the Piett/Gideon?

    Also, if you look at how deep the JMLs go in Arena (top 50+ in my shard will have JML), it's sort of a sign that it might be time for a new GL, and one that is more powerful than existing GLs so it can maintain dominance in arena.

    At least, that's how the behaviour has been in the past.

  • Oh please don’t waste your time with bo Katan until her team proves itself! Right now, bo katan is just not good. Maybe she will get better in the future, but that is a risk that I am not willing to take.
  • Legend91
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    She's trash.
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    I'm holding/hoarding. With this sudden new Bad Batch content dropping and the Mando series done for the season, I am not comfortable committing to anything at this point. "Patience, padawan" is usually a good plan (especially if people are f2p). 7 star everything, gear nothing. And save up crystals, gear and relic mats.
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