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Hi all,

I know there have been many talks about what could make the game better, and there always is, but my guild collected a bit of collection on quality updates, thought i'd share it with you, who knows, might give an idea to the big mans. We are not programmes or devs, so not sure what is physically possible or not, but would still be nice.

- remove credit gate for moving mods: it's expensive for starter players, waste of credits for bigger ones. Slicing, leveling for credits, perfectly fine, but especially for those who like to remod for events, etc, it is just a waste of credits for using your own resources.
- roster mod save/event mod layout: either having the option for saving your current roster mod layout and able to revert it back, or when modding inside an event (when clicing into the character in the team composition menu before going in) would only change the layout for the event and not outside that particular match.
- Showing the quantity of a mod when clicking on it on the store ie clicking on a Speed speedprimary mod, it would show you have 10 of it.
- Mass level up selected mods.

Fleet squad management
- I know many been talking about this, I think Kyno said it before that they have issues implementing this, but still.

Territory Wars / Territory Battles
- Detailed member activity. In TW, ie "XY earned 20 points by defeating YS" / "XY lost a battle against YZ". In TB: "XY completed 4/4 waves in the Canyons combat mission". This could help officers monitor the guild activites hugely.

Assault Battles:
- C3 to drop Impluse Detectors (R8 mat, not the one from Pit).
- Shadows AB Add/Change Phoenix to Galactic Republic/Resistance/etc.
- Autocomplete lower tiers, like in Galactic Challenges.

Ingame chat:
- Send notifications if the chat header has been updated.

- Fixed 5 gear/attempt drop.
- New tier for higher GP players (G13 to complete) with more needed gears: Mk5 Stun, Czerka OR G12 Purple gear (medpac, etc).
- Autocomplete all attempts, no need to wait 5 seconds to complete again.

Galactic Challenges/Conquest:
- Feat monitor, like contract for Bounty Hunters.

Guild Member Menu
- Sort by GP.

Raid reward
- removing vastly hoarded and non-purple gears from higher reward boxes.
- R8 slice mat equalisation below top 10, keeping it above it can still maintain the healthy competition.

Ship farm:
- Shard drop to 2x like older Character farms.

Gear farm
- You know what we want...

Ally tokens:
- Spend X amount together.

- Contraband Cargo sim,
- Smugglers Run sim,
- Ewok/NS T1 sim

I am sure some of these are not possible due to various reasons possibly discussed before (apologies if I missed that).

Cheers and have a nice day guys!

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  • Nauros
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    Add to mods:
    Sell straight from inbox.
    Be able to swap mods with full inventory.
    Be able to claim GC chest with full mod inventory, with the mods going to inbox.
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