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Turkish translation of the game is mostly wrong and some words are meaningless. Translation is so robotic and absurd. Sentences do not contain the correct meaning in Turkish.

For an example, the skill "This is the way" is translated as "Bu taraftan". But that is so far from the true meaning. "Bu taraftan" means "From this way/To this way" in English. Like giving directions to someone. There is so much mistake like that in the game.

I request that to solve this situation as much as possible.
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  • i agree of this feedback translation is so bad you must change it
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    yea, there are too many meaningless Turkish translations in the game, I think a big team like your swgoh can overcome a small translation error, hope to be fixed as soon as possible.
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    They probably use a paid translation service who know nothing about the game.

    You should talk with @CG_Doja_Fett and see if you can help by providing CG with correct translations. If he doesn't respond to this thread, send him a private message. :)
  • There is such a big difference between translation and localization, and they forgot the latter
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