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I am level 77.I win the executrix event to upgrade it to 5stars and move onto zeta mat challenges.
I farmed lightside fleet as i went for the phoenix route.However my darkside fleet is in bad condition.i have imperial TF(9k power),tie-silencer(23k),sun fac(9k),slave 1(18k).
How much resources should i spend on them to complete the executrix event and then the zeta mat challenge?
My light side ships are-ghost(23k),phantom(18k),ashoka(18k),biggs(9k)
Also i am farming for JKR so i cannot allocate huge amount of resources on ships.
Thanks for reading this essay :smile:


  • Can you link to your SWGOH.gg account (make a new account if you have to) so that we can see your inventory & give better advice?


    As a first comment, I would have to say that your fleet needs much more than what you've given it so far. For your character level, you're behind on ships. It is not a waste to work on those.

    JKR's event is not available until level 85, which is at least 3 months from now for you. There's a lot you can do with a better fleet in that time, and Bastila & Jolee at g8 + the others at g6 are enough to win that event (even without Bastila's zeta on her leadership, so save that zeta).

    Post a link to your profile page & there are tons of people here who would love to help.
  • Yep. You're way underdeveloped on ships. Looks like you don't have a good idea of what things you can do at the same time.

    That's a problem for a lot of newer players. You're told to keep a single focus but no one bothers to tell you that because there are different stores and different energies, you can keep one thing as your highest focus while still working on other things...so long as you work on those things using energy or store currency that isn't needed for your main goal.

    This is exactly why you need a plan for each energy and each store listed out separately. You could be earning Zeta materials next level, but you won't be, because you don't have the right tools - ships - and so it will be that much harder to get your Jedi Revan squad up and running, since that squad needs zetas to do what it's supposed to do. Going for ships **is** working on your Revan squad at this stage of the game, and you can do it without sacrificing any progress towards character shards needed for JKR.

    I will make a plan for you, if you want me to do so, but it won't look like the plans made for other people of your level since it will prioritize JKR and also prioritize getting ANY dark side ships to 5* rather than getting the best ships to 5* because you don't have the time to do this the right way.

    in general, do remember that if you have a goal for level 78, you have to start at level 30 or 40 to be ready for that goal. What you have done is very similar to waiting to learn your schoolwork until the night before the test & still expecting to get a good grade. SWGOH is a game that is always very long term, and everything interrelates (ships give you zetas and crystals, and the zetas are what make good characters great, while crystals are what allow you to acquire more characters quicker and easier - there are many relationships like this in the game where to get one thing you have to spend on another).

    This doesn't mean your whole game life has to be planned and has to happen the same way as everyone else does it. But it does mean you have to plan way ahead and understand how each thing is only part of a larger whole.

    Now, if you're going to have a functioning Revan, you'll need good mods, which requires a high credit income, which requires Scoundrels (which include Bounty Hunters) and a team that can finish Galactic War every single day - fortunately for you, that's Bastila-led Jedi. You'll also need ships to provide the zetas and crystals you need. So we will make your high priorities Bounty Hunters, a couple more Jedi, Ships, and the prerequisite characters' shards for JKR.
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    Mod Energy:
    Keep trying for Speed mods with good secondaries at this point. You'll get health mods in plenty from events, so not so much focus on them. You also want a strong Offense set for Grand Master Yoda. Move through the Mod Battles as soon as each new stage opens. Only go back to the Mod Challenges once each stage is complete.

    Now, the mod challenges are, unfortunately, a terrible place to get mods. You'll get 3 and 4 dot mods when you need 5 dot mods, and not all of your 5 dot mods are going to be worth anything. So you'll have to come up with a larger mod strategy to tell you when to sell a mod, when to upgrade it for credits, and when to slice it to improve its secondary qualities. This isn't that plan, this is just to tell you what to do with your mod energy --

    --and that is to work the Mod Battles before the challenges, and to work the Speed Mod Challenge more than any other. All mod types are worthwhile, but some mod types are useful on more characters and so you will need more of that type of mod. Speed is useful to almost anyone, so that's where we start.

    Fleet Energy:

    You get 285 fleet energy per day (240 accrues over time, and 45 energy is a bonus for logging in at the right time of day). Each node can be simmed 5 times, and costs either 16 energy per sim (first stage) which means 80 per day, or 20 energy per sim (every stage after) which means 100/day.

    As a result, farming 2 nodes of stage 2 or higher and 1 node from stage 1 almost perfectly uses up all your energy. We'll make a priority list that uses energy on more things, but you won't have that energy. The point of the list is just so that as you finish one thing you can make your way down to the next thing. IT also allows you to farm a low-priority temporarily while you're waiting for your ships to be powerful enough to beat a harder node that yields something of higher priority.

    Your SWGOH.gg account doesn't allow me to see how far you've gotten in fleet battles, but since you can't borrow allies ships in Fleet Battles, you're probably stuck pretty early on. If you've finished stage 1, I doubt you've finished stage 2, and if you have, you probably can't even beat the first battle in stage 3. It's hard for me to remember exactly how difficult these battles are with starter ships, but I'm pretty sure you won't be beating anything on Stage 3 yet. That's a bummer for you, since Bastila, Jolee & Zaalbar are all available in Fleet Battles and with some better ships you could be getting extra farms per day of those characters here. Still, we'll work towards getting your fleet ready to earn you Zaalbar & Jolee shards in another game mode. For now, this is your priority list, remembering that if you can't beat one of the nodes for your higher priorities, just work on a lower-priority node until you can beat the more difficult one.
    1. Jolee Bindo (4-E)
    2. Zaalbar (3-C)
    3. Jedi Knight Anakin's ETA-2 Starfighter (1-B)
    4. Carth Onasi (2-E)
    5. Greef Karga & Rebel Y-Wing (4-C)
    6. TIE Advanced x1 (Vader's ship; 4-B)
    7. Slave 1 (2-B)
    8. The Mandalorian (5-E)
    9. Imperial TIE Fighter (1-C)
    10. Shaak Ti (5-A)

    Hopefully you can at least reach Slave 1 right now, which means you can farm priority 3, 7 & 9 at worst. You'll earn a little more energy than that per day, but that can go towards attempts to progress farther so that you eventually can reach more difficult farming nodes. If you can do Slave 1 at 2-B right now, there's also hope you might be able to do Carth Onasi on 2-E, and that would mean you have enough valuable nodes open to spend all your energy every day, using priority 3, 4 & 7. Whatever you do, keep farming the highest priorities you can until your energy runs out each day, then try to push things forward.

  • Cantina Energy
    Here you get only 165 energy for free each day (120 accrued over time + 45 login bonus available), BUT you don't have to pay for node refreshes so you aren't limited to 5 attempts per day. For that reason, with Cantina Battles you won't use a strategy like for Fleet Battles or regular light side or dark side battles. Here you'll focus all your attempts on a single character until you reach a goal (which might not be 7*, there will often be intermediate goals), then move to the next goal on the priority list.

    1. Mission Vao => 7*
    2. T3-M4 => 7*
    3. Geonosian Spy => 6*
    4. Geonosian Soldier => 6*
    5. Spy => 7*
    6. Soldier => 7*

    These farms will go quite quickly once Mission is done. Mission will only be slower because the cost per attempt is higher, so you'll get fewer attempts per day. But Geo Soldier will give you 20 attempts per day, which will yield an average of 12-14 shards per day. T3 and Spy are between those extremes.

    By the way, when T3 is finished, it will be time to renumber your priority list and add some new things to the bottom so you always know where you're going. You shouldn't wait until you're done or nearly done with Spy & Soldier to start thinking about your next plan.

    Regular Energy
    1. Jolee Bindo (DS: 6-D) => 7*, 16 energy/attempt, 80 energy/day
    2. Zaalbar (LS: 5-D) => 7*, 16/attempt, 80/day
    3. Hound's Tooth & Jango (LS 8-D) => 7* Hound's Tooth (Jango will be long done before then), 20/attempt, 100/day
    4. Bossk (DS: 9-B) => 7*, 20/attempt, 100/day (NOTE: not available yet, node opens at level 85, but this is its priority)
    5. Hyena Bomber ((DS: 8-B) => 7*, 20/attempt, 100/day
    6. Vulture (LS: 4-D) => 7*, 12/attempt, 60/day
    7. Jedi Knight Anakin (LS: 5-C) => 7*, 16/attempt, 80/day
    8. Sabine Wren (DS: 1-A) => 7*, 12/attempt, 60/day
    9. Xanadu Blood & Droideka (LS: 8-B) => Xanadu Blood 7* (Droideka will be 7* long before then), 20/attempt, 100/day
    10. IG-2000 & Poggle (LS: 6-E) => IG-2000 7* (Poggle will be 7* long before then), 16/attempt, 80/day

    You'll note that Bossk is on there even though his node is not yet available. That's fine. Just add it in when you can. Until then, as always, spend your energy right down the list every day until you run out. You should also be purchasing a 50-crystal regular energy refresh every single day. You might want to purchase 2 of those refreshes on some days, when you can afford it, just to keep things hurrying along.

  • thanks this is the kind of information that i wanted.I highly appreciate on how much effort you put into it
    I am farming for HT and i only need bossk to unlock HT which isf or later other than that iam farming for bounty hunter ships which are required to unlock Hans Falcon and from fleet campaign i am doing bistan u wing,slave 1 and sun facs ship.Although hans falcon is my long term plan i am currently farming for geo ships and will later go for rebel fleet as my guild doesn't do geo TB.So no mal and nego for me.I won't blame it on my guild i am pretty low level and easily get into a high level guild.

    So for now what i am thinking is stop choking on my JKR farm and farm some geos for fleets.What do you think about that.I already have 2 geo ship ready to go.So geo seemed more logical choice.
    What are your thoughts on my decision?
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