Please help (logged in as guest)

I had logged in as a guest when I made my account but now I want to transfer it to my new phone. How can I connect google play?


  • Konju
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    @Kyno any suggestions?
  • Kyno
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    If you are logged in as Guest, you should still be able to link to Google at this point.
  • @Kyno when I go to settings and click sign in with google play it shows me a new account and I have to log in as a guest to get back to my account. I found how to do it but because I'm from a foreign country maybe you can explain it to me simpler.
    "It's simple. Log into your guest account. Then log into a Google play account. At the bottom of the list of accounts it says add account or something similar. Go ahead and make a new Google play account. When it is completed, it logs back into the game. It prompts you to start new game or continue the level 0 game. Hit continue and the last game you had logged in will link to the new play account. Log into guest and you will be starting over. Once you get through the beginning, you can log into a Google play account and the new account should be there with your old guest account."
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