ll ANZGC ll 340M Guild Aussie timezone

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ANZGC 340m
- LSTB 25* 25+ kam
- DSTB 32* +48 wat (we will attempt 33 within the next 2, to complete the feat)
- All raids on farm, crancor not a problem
-rotate hsith times to give u.s/u.k time zones a chance (predominantly aussie players)
-access to hotbot (50% discount for anzgc members)
-tw/tb focused (we have finished top 20 in tw)

Looking for some one,
Preferably 2x GLs
600 tickets a day
Each roster will be reviewed (mainly mods and # of g13) so nothing too specific is required, focussed roster is ok.

We are alliance with 28 other guilds so it is quite the community, theres a guild for everyone. Even if its not necessarily this one.

Feel free to contact me here or in game 751161484
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