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Hello there!

So I'm not a new player, I've played for quite some time, but it's my first F2P mobile game, so I've really badly managed everything (I've gone up to hard level 8 DS battles with Vader, Talia, Imperial Guard, Boba and Nihilus and that's it). I have lots of unlocked characters, even lots of 5 to 7 stars, but my stupid management so far led me to a very bad situation where I don't have nearly enough credits or cristals, and I'm way lower in arenas compared to where I'm supposed to be at level 85. My only level 85 team is Phoenix, I don't have enough credits to train my other characters to this point. I do everything I can everyday, I have a legit imperial team in the making (they are all about level 70 and 5 to 7 stars), all needed characters for GLS at 6 stars minimum (but not enough credits to level them up). I'd like some advices on how to save what can be saved (mainly get credits, that's what I'm lacking most so far).
My goal isn't and never has been to play competitively, I just want to be able to unlock characters and play and have fun with them (one of my reasons for playing the game is because I love Rebels and it's the only game in which the Phoenix are featured, there was Force Arena at one point but no more). I'm a fully F2P player, so buying cristals isn't an option. I know people will probably tell me to restart an account. I would really prefer to avoid this, for I don't want to lose my current account (may seem weird, but I'm not only talking about the characters I have unlocked and stuff, but also about the account, all the milestones and stuff, over several years, I'd miss it). If you tell me there is no way to save my account, so be it. But if there is a way (and I'm willing to do what must be done, had it take months or even a year), I'm willing to take the chance.

Thanks in advance for the advices and replies.


  • Waqui
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    Make sure that you beat the highest tier of credit heists. If you don't already you should invest in scoundrel(s) until you beat the highest tier. Boba Fett is a good choice.

    Make sure that you are in an active guild that raids frequently. More frequent raids (high ticket generation every day) and high level of participation in TBs will earn you more rewards.

    In fleet arena the milestones are rank 500 and 200 for more fleet currency and rank 50 for crystals. The zeta ability materials challenge is another milestone for your ships.

    It's probably too early for you to focus on GLs but if you insist I would recommend to go for SLKR first since he's the key to soloing hSTR.

    If you want more specific advice you will have to post a link to your profile on
  • Shankikenobi
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    Thank you for the advice!

    I'm already at rank 395 in fleet arena so I'm doing Ok regarding fleet currencies.
    I already take part in all of my guild's raids too.
    I have some scoundrels, I think I could do Ok in credit heist, maybe even highest tier, and I'm willing to level up my scoundrels if necessary.
    I have no plan to go for the GL in the near future, I'm not there yet. So far I just try to get over my credit crunch and get enough teams to take part in most events.

    How can I see my profile on
  • How can I see my profile on

    Just go there and create an account and then go to Settings & Sync. You will need your Ally Code and Player ID (Private) which you can get in the game.
  • Zanir
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    Credits will accumulate by themselves over time, the real barrier is smart spending. Don't spread resources around a wide swath of toons. I have an alt account and credits are currently the biggest gate to making toons useful at lvl 85, but I can save up enough to take a toon to lvl 85 about once a week at my current rate, discounting infrequent cash injections from events--I was able to complete the 4th tier of credit heist today so that's an extra 5mln I didn't account for.
  • Shankikenobi
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    Thank you very much!

    I did the credit heist highest tier today, so I'm better, but now I'm not sure what I should do with my credits now:
    -Up my imperials (Palp/Thrawn/Vader/Tarkin/Imperia guard), which is my second best team, just below my Phoenix? Then I would have two teams at a decent level, but I'm not sure if having an Imperial team is so useful, it's not a requirement for most of the events (it would mostly help for the stuff where the damage is permanent like raids and GW). Also I'm not sure, who (among the characters I mentionned) should be my leader?
    -Up my scoundrels (Boba/Mando/Grief/IG11/CW Chewie). They're decent (I've managed to get the highest tier of credit heist with them with 3 stars today) but nowhere near my imps, but I have the feeling they are way more useful (the tag is often requested in events, and bounty hunters are requested for the Chewie farm, the Falcon farm, etc...
    -Up my rebels (farmer Luke/Ben/R2/Leia/Han Stormtrooper) to get General Luke Skywalker. Most of the farm charts and tuto say one should get Phoenix team for Thrawn and Palp, then R2, then GLS. I'm not sure what to do with him but it seems like a really good character and so far I feel like I have at best decent ones.
    -Up Biggs and Wedge to do better in everything fleet related.

    I've created an account so you can help me even better (you've done a great job so far):
  • -Up my imperials (Palp/Thrawn/Vader/Tarkin/Imperia guard), which is my second best team, just below my Phoenix? Then I would have two teams at a decent level, but I'm not sure if having an Imperial team is so useful, it's not a requirement for most of the events (it would mostly help for the stuff where the damage is permanent like raids and GW). Also I'm not sure, who (among the characters I mentionned) should be my leader?

    I would suggest starting to focus on the Empire / Sith team because you will see a noticeable change in how you compete in Squad Arena vs Phoenix. Now, you still need to gear your PS to get Thrawn 7* but he is still viable at 5* in Arena.

    You can go Palp Lead, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin and I'd take Nihilus instead of RG. You just need to focus on mods to make Vader as fast as you can, and I'd recommend putting your first Zeta on Vader's Merciless Massacre ability.

    I wouldn't put more into your BH / Scoundrels at this point if you have already 3* the highest tier of credit heist, you can come back to them later.

    As far as what to do next, CLS is a very long journey even if you will have 7* R2 soon, you will need to invest a lot into those 5 characters to get to where you can unlock him (you have them mostly starred up which is good). AND even after unlocking him, you need 3-4 OTHER characters that you don't have right now to make him really viable (Raid Han, Chewbacca, Threepio & Chewbacca, C3P0). And those are all very long farms on their own.....

    I would suggest one of two paths going forward:

    1) Padme - Need to build up your Separatist team to unlock her. I'd recommend Geos as you have 3/5 so far, but could also do it with mixed. If you go this route, you'll also want to farm Jedi Knight Anakin (JKA) to be part of that team, finish Ahsoka, and then you can use those 2 Jedi + Kanan & Ezra & Old Ben to unlock Grand Master Yoda, to also use on the Padme team

    2) Jedi Knight Revan - Long farm as you haven't started any of the KOTOR toons, but is an extremely good character

    In the meantime your new Empire team will serve quite well in Squad Arena, and you will use a mixed fleet anyway.

    For Fleet, we need to think of a direction to go. You have all 3 Geo ships unlocked, so you could focus on them while you also farm the characters for Padme, and that will be solid. Use them under Tarkin cap ship

    You could also start getting pieces for a Galactic Republic fleet (Ahsoka, Fives Umbarran, JKA starfighter), which if you went for Padme, you'd also be gearing some of those characters so it'd help in 2 places.

    Farming Hounds Tooth and Bossk is also something you should do as soon as you can, as they are long farms but will serve well under any fleet. You can use Tarkin for any of these fleets, as there isn't a ton of synergy yet at this point and you will need him anyway for the zeta material farming, and his ultimate ability is quite good this early on.
  • Shankikenobi
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    Wow, thanks a lot, I didn't expect an answer this detailed!

    So right now, most of my credits go into making this new Empire/Sith hybrid team, if I understand correctly. What are my priorities in this team (are there characters that are effective before they're maxed out?). Also I have a really hard time figuring out how to use Thrawn properly. I just don't know when to use his abiliies (especially the third one, Grand Admiral's Command).

    And my energy goes into farming geonosians and their ship, to get Padme and improve Tarkin's ship (for zeta farming and stuff). Did I understand correctly?
  • Well you're going to have to balance a few things.

    1) It doesn't look like you have the zeta material challenge unlocked yet, and for that you need Executrix 5* and 6 other 5* ships...likely that means trying to get Slave I, Ghost, Phantom to 5* as quick as possible, and I would say your 3 Geo ships too but they are far off. So you might have to invest a bit in the TIE Fighter, Biggs and 1 Geo first to get your 6. This is probably the most important as you need Zetas to make your Empire team work.

    2) Until you have that, you should probably continuing gearing up Phoenix to try to get Thrawn 7* (while farming up the ships and Geos as previously mentioned).

    Once you have the zeta, you can switch to fully utilizing that Empire team under Palp's lead. First zeta should be on Vader MM, 2nd likely on Palpatine's leader ability.

    For Thrawn, 1st turn you fracture the enemy you need to stop in their tracks...which is likely GMY, Bastilla, JKR, other Vaders, Geo Brute for where you are. Then on his basic if you have enemies that are ability blocked from Vader's basic, you can attack them with Thrawn to stun them. GA's Command I use to give the immediate turn to Vader usually which also dispels any debuffs on either. When Vader has the MM zeta'd, he is a true force (if you can remember from the training challenges), so you want him going as often as possible.
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