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Anyone else been experiencing a lot of game crashes lately (last couple weeks or so)?

In my first 3 years of playing this game, I could count the number of times the game crashed on my phone on one hand. In the last week or two, it's crashed probably 10 times. Cost me a GAC round last GAC, crashed in a TW fight earlier today, and just crashed in conquest on me.
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  • Konju
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    Yes, experiencing multiple daily crashes lately. You’ll want to report to the bug section of the forums. This thread will be closed soon.
  • KueChael
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    None the past few days, but it locked up once before that on me.
  • I just went 3 straight days without an in game freeze until about 10 minutes ago. I think thats the first multi day stretch for me since the conquest update. Galaxy S20 here. On my Galaxy and iPhone I virtually never had a crash until that update.
  • with latest update my game forced closed 3 times in a row during TB which was super annoying (note 20u). but fortunately it seems to be fixed
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    Your topic has been moved to the Bugs and Issues Archive. For better assistance and functionality, please report your bug over at Answers HQ.

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