Speed of bosses in Conquest hard mode?

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Has anyone figured out the speeds for the different end bosses in hard mode?
Since we can’t see the speed stats yet I figured I’d try to guestimate them with really good speed set mods on them. But still some of them seem to have suspiciously high speeds. And since it costs a lot of energy to guess wrong I’m wondering if anyone actually noted how high speeds your team had to go first against the different bosses?
In theory I think +182 speed +10% bonus is the highest speed set possible so I figure they have that. And then of course add any battle specific modifiers.


  • Yeah have no clue what their speeds are and have ran into several situations it ended up eating energy as a result.
  • Artumas
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    The only way I was able to outrun the sector 5 hard mode boss was by stacking 4 leader slot buffs on my 517 speed GL Rey, and it was only by a couple percent of turn meter, if that, if I'm remembering correctly.
    3 green, 1 blue, so 20/20/20/24%.

    Rey's naturally higher speed than JML, even if only by a little, and while running health mods it's still +119 over her base.

    It's definitely not just a case of +28 speed mods + speed set.
    Even if the data disks only affect base speed (398), you're looking at somewhere in the 700+ range here.
  • Well, on sector 3 the DR boss somehow surpassed my Rex 322 speed, full 501st team, with extra 8% speed boost lol
  • Joebo720
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    Sector 5 JML has 90% stat bonus so i think that counts as Ludicrous Speed

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